• SF Beer Passport

    We’re proud of the design we did for Broke Ass Stuart’s San Francisco Beer Passport!

    Get your copy here! And read more from Broke Ass Stuart here:


    How does the SF Beer Passport work? I’m glad you asked. You start by buying one here. Then inside are coupons to 30 different bars. Take the coupon to the bar and exchange it for a beer. It’s almost like magic.

    For those not so good at the maths, that breaks down to a $1 beer at 30 of the best bars around San Francisco. Yes, I know, it’s incredible! But there are only 200 of these passports so you better get yours asap. The coupons expire on December 31st 2016.


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  • New Brand Look for 2016

    As designers, we enjoy creating fresh looks for our clients. This also includes freshening up our own look on occasion as well. Take a peek at our new business cards.

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  • SF App Passport

    The Barbary Co recently designed another book for Broke Ass Stuart – The second in the series of Passports. Check out our design work, pick up a book and follow Broke Ass Stuart!

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  • Shop Marvel

    In March of 2015, The Barbary Co consulted on UX Design, and handled all Front End Development for the Marvel Online store using the Disney E-Commerce platform. Check out a few Marvel Shop screenshots, or take it for a spin yourself at Shop.Marvel.com

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