Customized and Strategic UX, Design, and Marketing Solutions tailored to fit your needs. No matter which stage your business is in or where you’re at in the product lifecycle, we are a full-service agency. We commonly work in several ways:


  • As UX, Product, Development, Advertising, Business, or Startup strategists as Consultants
  • As a full service creative agency specializing in UX, branding, advertising, and marketing
  • As Product Development partners with hands on designers and web & mobile app developers

With over 25 years of experience, we use proven strategies to create successful outcomes for your and your business, no matter what size or stage.  We are customer centric and use quantitative, qualitative and market research to create a strategy that works for you and your budget. We specialize in Inclusive and Accessible design.


Design & UX

The Barbary Company’s Captain, Sarah Randolph, has an extensive background in customer centric UX (user experience) design, has owned several companies and consulted for companies including IBM, Capital One, Disney, DARPA and the DOD. Over the course of her 25 years experience in design and web development, as a CEO, a UX design leader, and as business consultant. With a foundation in user centric design principles, she uses data and experience to drive decisions. Her background is in SaaS, fintech, SEO, accessible and inclusive UX design, crypto, and application security- she’s available as a consultant and teaches design principles to aspiring future leaders. Reach out for more info.


Branding & Marketing

Your brand says everything about you and your product. We work closely with you from start to finish to see your brand to market, and create a sales strategy customized to your target audience. From fine product packaging, to print advertising, media management, web and social media tools, we tailor a plan specifically to your needs and budget. We are available as consultants to create a strategy- we are also well positioned to execute with our staff to create deliverables, or can assist you in staffing up your team. Contact us to find out more.


SEO & Analytics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is now more important than ever for sales strategy and crucial for your website. Search rankings are based on properly optimized websites and key terms throughout your site. We rely on both qualitative and qualitative data, analytics and use the best available tools to make sure you have a competitive edge. We have in-house experts as well as dozens of partnerships with third party tools, companies, vendors as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) to achieve your objectives and key results (OKRs). Let us know how we can help you top search rankings and SEO goals.