• Shopify vs WordPress E-Commerce Comparison

    We found this helpful video that compares shopify vs wordpress, which highlights each content management systems strengths and weaknesses.

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    I’ve personally created about a hundred wordpress sites fyi, and it should be no surprise that this site is also a wordpress site… but, that being said, Shopify is going to be a superior e-commerce solution for MOST larger online businesses because it’s faster and ranks better with their page speed.

    If you’re still not sure if you should go with shopify vs wordpress, sometimes it helps to make a Pros and Cons list.

    Shopify Pro’s:

    • Shopify includes hosting in their costs, which start
    • Shopify is scalable, it scales with your business
    • Can handle thousands of products where wordpress is only good for smaller inventory
    • Shopify’s platform is lighting fast
    • Setup is easy and Shopify has great online support to help you with all of your needs
    • Superior Credit card processing
    • Offer coupon codes, discounts
    • Great shipping and checkout UI
    • Shopify loads fast

    WordPress Pro’s:

    • If you build the wordpress site yourself it’s FREE, you just need to pay for hosting
    • Thousands of free templates
    • You can start small and build up
    • Great for hosting a site and a blog
    • Free plugins for almost anything you can think of
    • Customizable to do almost anything – doesn’t have the limitations of a closed content management system like Shopify

    WordPress Con’s:

    • If you’re not an expert at wordpress, it can take a while to learn
    • Woocommerce platform can be slow which can affect SEO
    • Not great for thousands of products like Shopify

      If you’ve decided to go with WordPress, you’re going to need website hosting. What is website hosting and why do you need it? Web hosting is where your web pages, images, databases, and files live on the internet, or in the cloud. You need it so the browser knows where to find the files to load in your browser and on the page. 
    You may not need hosting depending on whether you’ve chosen shopify vs wordpress.

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    If you want the best and fastest WordPress hosting, we recommend WP Engine – Sign up here now!

    It’s going to cost more than bluehost, but you’ll see the pages load much faster.

    WP Engine – eCommerce Scale Plan

    HostGator is another popular hosting solution. Sign up here!

    There are other hosting options if you decide to build your own e-commerce website. Hopefully this article, Shopify vs WordPress an E-commerce comparison, has helped you decide what works best for your business.  

    We recommend choosing one that has good support for wordpress, and loads wordpress sites fast, like Bluehost.

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