New Channel Coming Soon: Reviews by Designers!

I’ve decided to start a new You Tube Channel, called ‘Reviews by Designers’. I’m so excited about this, as I’ve been wanting to get into product reviews for a long time. Having been a product designer for 20+ years now, and created everything from digital products, to tangible print products, product packaging, books, software, classes, you name it, I’ve probably designed one, or one of my designers has. That is why this channel is going to be unique, by offering an insider’s perspective.

Look, it’s just fact, designers create the coolest products. They are often the most aesthetically appealing, but yet also functional. If you do your customer research, create a bad ass product strategy, and top notch execution, you win, right? That’s right. So why not TRUST designers to know what products are the best of the best, in customer satisfaction and superior design? We have higher design standards, we’re used to critiquing each other’s work, or rather now called, giving feedback. We give so much feedback in fact, it’s second nature, and not always wanted. We’re used to receiving feedback, and we know that it is the key to opportunity for growth. This is how we grow and better our skills.

That being said, I decided to round up a group of my favorite product designers, and start a product review site, our area of expertise, called So check it out and let me know what you think!

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